We are committed to educating the next generation of scientists. We take an active part in teaching at the IST Austria Graduate School and in hosting Graduate School rotation students. Lectures at the IST Austria Graduate School are open to students from Austrian Universities. In collaboration with Austrian Universities, we supervise students performing their Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis research. Moreover, we host scientific interns from various disciplines.

Information on courses for graduate students at IST Austria can be found here.

We also strive to contribute to the public perception of science by actively taking part in various outreach and educational activities, discussion rounds, and public lectures. With this, we also want to make a positive impact on science education in Austria.

Courses taught by Prof. Danzl

2021    Spring term:
Biology track core course

2020    Spring term:
Advanced techniques in LS/High-resolution fluorescence microscopy

2019/20    Fall 1 term:
Biophotonics/High-resolution fluorescence microscopy
Advanced course for physics, biology, and neuroscience tracks

2019    Spring term:
Biology track core course

2018/19    Fall 1 term:
Biophotonics/High-resolution fluorescence microscopy
Advanced course for physics, biology, and neuroscience tracks

2018    Spring 2 term:
Biophotonics/High-resolution fluorescence microscopy

2018    Spring term:
Biology track core course

High resolution fluorescence microscopy and its
application in the life sciences”. Medical University Innsbruck, A.
Courses Nr. 202505 and 202506 (15 lecture units and 15 practicum units)
for medical, biology, and physics students (undergraduate and graduate).

External courses

Nov. 2018: Guest lecture at the PhD course “Functional Fluorescence Microscopy Imaging (fFMI) in Biomedical Research“ at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm

Lab rotations: IST Austria Graduate School

We have hosted the following rotation students:

  • Roman Haidu, biology track, 2022/23
  • Jennifer Sanchez, physics track, 2022/23
  • Vitali Vistunou, physics track, 2022/23
  • Florina Alexandra Thoma, neuroscience track, 2021/22
  • Matej Andelic, neuroscience track, 2021/22
  • Alexia Willson, neuroscience track, 2020/21
  • Hana Korinkova, neuroscience track, 2020/21
  • Sofia Agafonova, 2020
  • Syamala Inumella, biology track, 2019/20
  • Lenka Simonova, biology track, 2019/20
  • Predrag Zivadinovic, datascience track, 2019/20
  • Dominik Fachet, datascience track, 2019/20
  • Dorothee Lorenz, datascience track, 2019/20
  • Zuzana Dunajova, datascience track, 2019
  • Florianne Schoot Uiterkamp, neuroscience track, 2019
  • Rishabh Sahu, physics track, 2019
  • Julia Stanger, biology track, 2019
  • Lisa Knaus, neuroscience track, 2018/19
  • Philipp Radler,biology track, 2018/19
  • Vyacheslav Li, physics track, 2018/19
  • Nathalie Agudelo Duenas, neuroscience track, 2018
  • Verena Hübschmann, biology track, 2018
  • Michelle Gallei, biology track, 2018
  • Michael Riepl, biology track, 2018
  • Mojtaba Tavakoli, neuroscience track, 2018
  • Joshua Michael Milem, physics track, 2018
  • Michael Riedl, biophysics track, 2018
  • Daniel Jirovec, physics track, 2017
  • Julia Michalska, neuroscience track, 2017

Bachelor’s and Master’s theses

We have supervised the following Bachelor student during their thesis project:

  • Jakob Vorlaufer, undergraduate, Technical University Vienna (physics), 2017/18, in collaboration with Prof. Gerhard Schütz, Technical University Vienna, AUT.


  • Theresa Haunold, University of Chicago, US (neuroscience), summer 2020
  • Marcia Cunha dos Santos, Univ. do Vale do Rio dos Sinos, ESP (computer engineering), summer 2019
  • Sofya Agafonova, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, RUS (physics), summer 2019
  • Sai Akanksha Punuganti, Johns Hopkins University, US (biomedical engineering), 2018
  • Anna Wang, Cambridge University, UK (physics), summer 2017


  • Shadi Gharagozlou, scientific intern (neuroscience), 2020
  • Hope McGovern, academic visitor, Fulbright-Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Award, 2019/20
  • Mia Juracic, scientific intern (biophysics), 2018
  • Shiva Safari, scientific intern (engineering), 2018
  • Jakob Vorlaufer, undergraduate, Technical University Vienna, AUT (physics), 2017/18
  • Tanja Fritz, intern, Medical University Vienna, AUT (medicine), summer 2017


January 2020: Wissenschaft. Klosterneuburg. Schafft Wissen.

Fall 2019: Science goes School

July 2019:  Kinderuni Wien

May 2019:  Open Campus Day

Nov 2018:  Student Open Day; PostDoc Open Day

Sept 2018:  Family Lecture

April 2018:  Lange Nacht der Forschung