Open positions

We encourage applications from researchers with a background in physics, engineering, biology, neuroscience, and medicine (as well as related disciplines). We offer a stimulating research environment with state-of-the-art infrastructure. In our group, physicists, biologists, and neuroscientists work together to develop and apply light microscopy approaches that reveal hitherto inaccessible information about biological specimens.

Software Engineer

We are looking for a Software engineer with a focus on hardware control and automation for advanced optical microscopy setups. Experience in data analysis, electronics, or optical microscopy is further appreciated.

The ideal candidate would have the following qualifications:

  • Strong programming skills, including object oriented programming
  • Experience in hardware control
  • Expertise or interest in LABVIEW, FPGA programming, C#, Python
  • Strong technical background and interest to work in an interdisciplinary   team
  • Education in engineering, physics, computer science or a related discipline

Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Johann Danzl directly ( and CC Mariam Mosiashvili ( in their application mail.

Post docs
Current postdoctoral opening

We encourage applications by postdoctoral researchers for the development of novel super-resolution optical imaging approaches, in particular by scientists with a background in

physics, optics, engineering, or related disciplines.

Ideally, the candidate has previous experience in electronics, programming, and/or hardware control. Previous experience in fluorescence light microscopy is appreciated but not a prerequisite. We explicitly encourage applications from researchers who were trained in a fundamental physics context but who now wish to apply their expertise at the intersection of physics and the life sciences. Candidates are typically expected to secure external funding.

PhD students (Admission through the Graduate School of IST Austria)

Students interested in pursuing a PhD in our group are invited to apply to the IST graduate school. The graduate school has a strong interdisciplinary character and is modelled after US graduate schools. Entry is possible with a bachelor or a master degree. We welcome students from worldwide. All information can be found under

Our group accepts students from the physics, data science, biology, and neuroscience tracks.

We are happy to host Lab Rotations as integral part of the IST Austria PhD program.

Prospective PhD students may also choose to do an internship prior to applying to the Graduate School.

The PhD admission deadline for each academic year is around January 8!

Master and Bachelor Students

Students interested in internships for doing their Bachelor or Master thesis project in our lab should contact Johann Danzl directly.

Scientific Interns & ISTern program 

The group hosts a limited number of interns. Outstanding students are encouraged to apply to Johann Danzl directly and CC Mariam Mosiashvili in the application mail.

Please also be aware of the ISTern program during the summer that seeks to attract outstanding students from all over the world (application deadline typically is the 15th of February). Further information on the ISTern program can be found here.